Healing Waters? – The History of Electrolyzed Reduced Water

glacial water

Water is the basis of ALL life. Essentially, we are water. It makes up to 80% of the human body. Without it, life does not exist. However, not all water is the same. Certain waters nourish the body perfectly, promoting continuous cell rejuvenation and optimum health.

Around the world, “healing waters” exist in unique locations. In these places, people live longer, healthier lives. In the 1930’s, Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Henri Coanda studied the Hunza people of the Himalayans who have the longest lifespan in the world and live exceptionally healthy lives, free from disease. Hunza people routinely live to 120-140 years in good health with virtually no cancer, degenerative disease, dental caries or bone decay. Hunza people remain robust and strong and are able to bear children into old age. Research proves conclusively that the local water supply is the primary causal factor of the healthy, long-living Hunza people. Special properties in the Hunza waters contribute to the population’s longevity. The high alkaline pH, active hydrogen and negative oxygen-reduction potential (anti-oxidant) create the perfect natural water. Healing waters flowing in other locations such as Lordes, France; Nordenau, Germany; Tlacote, Mexico; and Delhi, India share the same properties.

Since it’s not possible for the entire world to drink from these glacial conditions, scientists researched other methods to produce this quality of water. Researchers found through the process of electrolysis, ordinary tap water can be restructured to mimic nature’s healing waters. Japan created the first commercial ionizer in 1958. At first, only hospitals utilized these units and in 1966, the Health and Rehabilitation Ministry of the Japanese Government acknowledged the water ionizer as a legitimate medical device for improving human health. Today, Japan’s hospitals and doctors use ionizers as a primary source of preventative medicine. The demand for this water inspired the creation of
Enagic’s Kangen Water in-home units, which utilize the same technology as the large hospitals ionizers. Today, people around the world can benefit from having a Kangen Water Ionizer in their home and drink alkaline, hydrogen rich water every day.

Roberto & Natalia Mendoza
Enagic Independent Distributors



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